Your Mates Brewing - Sunshine Coast Brewery

G’day from Matt & Christen, we are Your Mates Brewing Co.

Our short tale represents big dreams, big balls, and the spirit of what mate-ship is about.

Long story short, one night after way to many home brews we decided that building a brewing company couldn’t be all that hard. We both quit our professional jobs in 2013 and started our journey. It turns out that if you’re not a multimillion with a load of investors, that dream is going to bend you over backwards and an produce plenty blood sweat and tears. All whinging aside though, we wouldn’t have done it any other way.

We officially launched Your Mates in the Summer of 2015. Since than we have brewed beer at 7 different breweries and have sold over 30,000 litres of beer.

We didn’t want to create just any ol’ beer company, but a brand that represents our lifestyle. Drinking good beer, with good mates and having a bloody good time doing whatever we do.

We currently gypsy brew at Macleods Brewing Co in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast and run a craft beer dive bar in the bloody ripper little town of Nambour.  We have big dreams for Your Mates and are keen to get our beer out to as many new mates as possible and hopefully that will mean a big brewery of our own one day!  Keep following our story as we continue to grow and we’ll catch ya for a beer soon!