Finding parmy perfection with Your Mates Brew House Head Chef


Finding parmy perfection with Your Mates Brew House Head Chef

A Q&A with our Head Chef, Justin, on why our $20 Thursday night parmy deal is the best on the Sunshine Coast and how parmy perfection was achieved.

The chicken parmigiana. A pub grub feed as classic as your old boy’s Holden Kingswood. Like a Kingswood, it’s just as rare to find a good one. However, in a world of mediocre parmy’s, a beacon of light shines from Your Mates Brew House.

The light burns brightest on Thursday nights, it’s warmth attracting cautiously optimistic parmy lovers who’ve heard of a new parmy and beer deal that only costs a red back. They read the parmy menu over and over, struggling to choose from the four styles, each one sounding better with every read.

Finally they order and almost forget that it comes with a beer, a pleasant affirmation that this really is a cracking deal. Soon after, the parmy’s come out topped to the sky with a beautiful mixture of ingredients. They can’t believe the size of them, “what do they feed these chickens?” one bloke asks. They all dig in, savouring the combinations of flavours, each bite better than the next. They finish in minutes and wash it down with their beers.

They don’t say a word and enjoy the moment, Crowded House plays in the background, laughter and happiness bounces around the brewery. It’s pure bliss they say, it’s parmy perfection.

How did we reach parmy perfection, you ask? It was Justo, spending hours in the lab, in the kitchen, immersed in other cultures, researching, testing and fine tuning the ultimate parmy’s.

We recently tapped into Justo’s mind and got an inside scoop on the thought that went into these parmy’s. It went like this.

So Justo, let’s start with the golden question. What is the key to a perfect parmy? 

Having a quality schnitty is the perfect “base” to an epic parmy……get it? Base??

What was the thought process behind the new parmy’s and what styles are available?

We spent a lot of time researching and developing a range of parmys that combine the different culinary styles of the world, and then thought beer. What would go well with our core range of beers. With some rowdy ideas in the bank, we have finalised the following:

Classic – traditional parmy with smoked bacon

Americana – char grilled jalapeño salsa with pulled pork, cheese topped with beer Battered onion rings and smokey bbq sauce

Mexicano – think parmy and nachos…..Enuff said

Spanish – char grilled jalapeño salsa, chorizo, corn and capsicum salsa

These parmy’s are obviously a taste of the new Brew House menu which we’re super excited about. When will this be dropping to the public and what can punters expect?

The new menu will be dropping in the next week or so. Again loads of collaborations with local producers and we will be adding to it as we get into the warmer months. Having great beer to accompany the menu was a great start, but incorporating it was next level! Looking forward to sharing it with the supporters of Your Mates Brewing Co.!!

Our $20 Parmy and Beer nights kick off every Thursday at 5:30pm.

Bookings are highly recommended and can be made by contacting [email protected] 

Cheers to good beers! (and good parmy’s)

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