October 30, 2020


Your Mates Brew House

Your Mates to lend parents a hand this school holidays | Your Mates Brewing Co.

We’re giving parents what they deserve.

Ah the school holidays. A roller coaster of emotions occurring 4 times a year that tests family relationships and often leaves parents questioning the meaning of life. Growing up in a family of four boys, I know first hand the kind of ruckusing that goes on during these ‘holiday’ periods. Cars turn into Slipknot mosh pits on long drives, lounge rooms into the UFC octagon and the front yard into a footy field with games more brutal than Game 3 of the 1997 State of Origin (cattle dawwwwg!).

I take my hat off to parents for their ability to keep their offspring entertained for up to 4 weeks at a time. It’s a monster effort. They deserve the world, or at a minimum, a stress-free cold beverage and killer feed.

These school holidays, our Brew House will allow parents to do just that. We are a 100% kid friendly bar. Our food menu caters to every punter (fussy children included) and our extensive beer and wine menu will have you blowing off steam in no time. Most importantly, we have a fully enclosed children’s area in view of the bar so you can drop your demons over the fence and indulge in some R & R.

Drop and go!

Some events to look out for over the coming holiday period:

This Saturday – AFL Grand Final Weekend

Business as per usual with the addition of the AFL GF playing around the venue. Expect an awesome atmosphere, top notch pub grub and delicious beers. Bookings are highly recommended and are filling fast! Booking info below.

Next Sunday (6th of October) – The Queen’s B’day Sunday Sesh

With Monday the 7th being a public holiday, this is the Sunday session to rule them all. Kicking off at 3pm, the Brew House will have live music all evening, $12 pizzas, beer and cider jugs and the NRL grand final on the big screens. It’s going to be all time. For more info click HERE.

Looking forward to this one!!

To book a table, shoot an email to [email protected]. Parents, we hope to see plenty of you here enjoying yourselves because you deserve it!

Have a cracking holiday mates.


your mates indies

Race to the Indies | Your Mates Brewing Co.

Your Mates pack er’ up and send it through the Great Southern Land in a race to make it on time for the Indies Awards.

Your Mates Brewing have been to Melbourne more than a few times, but we’ve never taken the long way down and never taken the longer way back. After a crazy year of construction, beers, openings, brewing and some more beers we took the Independent Beer Awards, aka the ‘Indies’, as an opportunity to get out and see a bit of Australia.

Before we could really enjoy ourselves, we had to drive the 20 hour trip to Melbourne in time to deliver beers the Indies. We packed the Amarok, grabbed just a couple cases of beer and stocked up brisket and house made slaw, prepared lovingly by our Head Chef Jutto and Cotton Tree Meats.

McGarry was first up on the navigation and sent us out on a slight detour so we could get onto some of Australia’s lesser known highways. First stop was Blackbutt and its famous Bakery for a round of pies and homemade custard tarts.

Pit stop steezin’.

Back into the truck we followed the highway south clocking over k’s and getting a glimpse at the Australian outback as it flew by the window. Just outside of Toowoomba, we couldn’t help but stop by Jim’s Jerky and get something to keep us going.

Turns out Jim was a beer drinker, so we bartered a trade, a carton of Larry Pale Ales worth of jerky with Jim’s daughter, Emily. A solid selection of jerky and biltong on board and we were off down the highway again. 

Mcgarry steering the brew ship from the road.

Pulling over a few hours later for a little leg stretch, a cheeky Macca Lager somewhere by Wyaga and to watch the sunset while trying to keep the flies out of our beers. A quick driver swap and we were back on the road for a few more hours, eating dinner at a lonely brightly lit truck stop before finding somewhere to throw out our swags by the highway. 

We all woke up on queue as the sun came up with mixed reports on how well everyone slept between the rocky ground, almost zero temperature and the constant sound of engine breaks from the nearby truck stop. 

The glamorous life on the road.

We got back on the road for an hour or so before we reached Dubbo for a coffee and some brekky burgers, then it was full pace to Melbourne. Kilometres, hours and the Australian outback blurred by the windows as we made up ground. 

Around lunch time we stumbled onto what was the beginning of one hundred kilometres of Canola fields and figured it was as good a place as any to stop for lunch. We burnt a couple laps in the dirt making sure the truck got extra filthy then found a spot to pull out the awning and fire up the burner. A couple Larrys and some brisket and slaw burgers later, we packed up and kept on south. 

Our noble steed.

From then on it was full pace. We crossed the Murray River into Victoria and some more lush bushland, then straight into Melbourne’s outer suburbs and lagged into some traffic. After an hour of crawling through the CBD, we rolled into our accommodation. Exhausted but stoked, we’d made it in time for the Indies. 

Taking the long way gave us a chance to meet some characters and see some of the Aussie outback. We traded beers for jerky, slept by the side of the road and got a feel for what Australia’s really like before coming back to the reality of life as we hit the afternoon traffic in Melbourne.


your mates unkle hingy

Unkle Hingy’s Barber Shop – Mate of the Month | Your Mates Brewing Co.

Say g’day to our mate Hingy, owner of Unkle Hingy’s Barber Shop and our first ‘Mate of the Month’.

Whoever coined the phrase ‘money makes the world go round’ is a peanut. It needs to be changed to ‘mates make the world go round’. As a company that was built on the back of mates helping mates, we support this phrase change 100%.

As our network of mates continues to grow, we keep seeing incredible acts of mateship, both inside and outside of Your Mates Brewing Co. We believe these acts are worth celebrating, so today we’re launching our (da da da daaa) ‘Mate of the Month’ series.

In one sentence – the ‘Mate of the Month’ is our monthly feature on a mate of Your Mates who has done something legendary, mate. So without further ado, here is the first ‘Mate of the Month’!

Our Mate Unkle Hingy

Meet our barber mate Hingy, owner of Unkle Hingy’s Barber Shop in our hometown, Caloundra. With 10 years’ experience in the industry, Hingy knows his way around a dome. A long time mate of ours, he’s been keeping us clean and mean for about five years now.

Most recently, Hingy set up shop in our brewery offering free beard trims to Dad’s on Father’s Day. This selfless act of mateship to Your Mates and to the Dads who were here celebrating has earned him the deserving title of Mate of the Month.

“Father’s Day way such a vibe, it was great seeing so many people step up and trim their beards for a good cause. Had a blast setting up in the brewery that’s for sure!” Hingy said. 

Hingy serves Larry tinnies to his clients while he sharpens their pencils, so we weren’t surprised with his answer to what his favourite YM drop was.

“Mate it’s got to be the Larry!” he said.

Your favourite Larry locale?

“There’s not many better places to crack a Larry or two than on Moffs cliff on a Sunday arvo!”

Not wrong Hingy!

When he’s not lowering ears, Hingy spends his time skegging around Kawana looking for a bank or ‘G’ing up the boys to tip a few in’.

For all barbering services and wedding enquiries, you can get in touch with Hingy via his shop number – 0428 828 175.

To check out some of his handy work head to his Instagram account @unklehingysbarbershop.

Cheers to you Hingy!

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