October 30, 2020


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The Robinson Brothers – Mate of the Month | Your Mates Brewing Co.

A Q&A with local Sunshine Coast legends, the Robinson Brothers. Talented fisherman, lifestyle enthusiasts and passionate environmentalists, these lads are our deserving mates of the month for March!

We met the Robinson Brothers after they reached out to us for a sponsorship for a clean up event they were organising, under the name of their environmental protection not for profit, Our Ocean’s Future (OOF). We were so impressed with their passion for good times and the conservation of their natural backyard. It’s extremely exciting to see the young fishing crews on the Sunny Coast care so strongly for their local environment. We asked the fellas a few questions below.

Who are you and how did the whole Robinson Brothers thing start?  

We are brothers and a best mate from Noosa. Robinson Brothers first started as a YouTube channel where we would just upload sort of piss take videos about our lifestyle. We soon really enjoyed doing it and started to gain quite a following. Within a year we had gone from 13 subscribers to 900. It might not seem like a lot but for just a couple of lads like ourselves it really gets us going. Now we just want to continue to grow and have a good time along the way.

What is OOF and why did you start it?

OOF is our not for profit organisation we started in 2019. We started it because of our love for the ocean and our local waterways. This is us trying to do our part and do more to protect and preserve them.

Why is protecting your natural backyard important to you?

Looking after our local ecosystem is a priority because it’s the place we love most, it’s where our passions began for fishing and diving etc. So looking after our home means quite a lot, however we can’t wait to expand and do the same in waterways Australia-wide.

How can people get involved with OOF?

Anyone can get involved with OOF. Every bit of support is greatly appreciated. Following our social accounts is always great and you can direct message us or visit our webpage (details below). 

What trips have you got planned next?

Future trips are tough one as there are so many good places we want to visit. But we are super keen on getting back to the outer reef and do the full survival experience. We also want to do a few weeks in West Oz, continue to explore all our local area and do the odd NZ trip, but in the long run we are looking to do the full travel Australia trip!!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these boys and we’ll continue to support their epic message. 

Check out the Robinson Brothers’ Highlight Reel from 2020

Robinson Brothers

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