Win a year's worth of chicken schnittys! | Your Mates Brewing Co.

How you can win a famous Your Mates chicken schnitty every week for a year.


It's hard to beat a classic chicken shnitty. Golden crumbed chicken, doused in rich warm gravy, fresh slaw on the side, washed down with a cold one... you're laughin'.

If you're nodding your head in agreement, keep reading. 

We're giving away the ultimate schnitty prize to two lucky punters at our first ever Oktoberfest event. 

The two best dressed legends (one from each session) will take home the weekly shnitty feed.

Full blown lederhosen for the lads, and the dirndl for the girls.

Tickets to the event won't just get you a shot at the shnitty title. The day is loaded with everything you would expect from a traditional Oktoberfest.

Unlimited beer and wine, four specially brewed Oktoberfest beers on tap, a rowdy German beer hall and more. 

$85 will get you all of the above, an extra $25 will get you a YM stein.

It'll be a day to remember, you can bet a shnitty on that!

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