You don’t need ice for an ice cold beer... just one of these

Ice cold beer. Say it out loud. 

Really do it…




Visualise it in your mind.

Imagine your hand diving deep into an ice slurry, grasping an ice cold Larry and pulling it from the Arctic depths of the esky. 

Seriously close your eyes and picture it...




Imagine bringing the tinnie to your mouth, the cold metal can touches your lips.

You tip it up and the wave of flavour washes through. Can you taste it right now?

Try and taste it for a second.




Where are you in your mind?

A bright warm beach maybe. Waves crashing gently in front of you.

At home in the backyard, watching the sun bleed into the sky. Fresh Autumn air passing through your lungs.




How do you feel right now? Feel deeper into this feeling, hold onto it for a few seconds. 

Now imagine carrying this feeling with you everywhere you go. 

Imagine carrying ice cold beer everywhere you go. 

No ice, no esky, no fridge required. 

Introducing the Your Mates X Project Pargo premium drinkware range. 

Just this bottle.

Your Mates Pargo Bottle

And this cup.

Your Mates Pargo cup

Ice cold beer for 24 hours.

Piping hot coffee for 12 hours too…

Founded by a couple good mates of ours, Dyl and Ellie, Pargo is impacting the lives of many in a big way (and not just through ice cold beer). 

After spending years on the road in some of the world’s most remote locations, Dyl and Ellie learned a certain reality, something that we often take for granted.

Clean water is life, and unfortunately, not everyone has access to it. 


After witnessing this truth, they set out on a mission to provide access to clean water to the people in these locations. 

Project Pargo was born. 

Every Pargo sold helps a person in need gain access to clean water through the supply of advanced water filtration systems.

project pargo

The filtration systems are remarkable. They turn unfiltered water into drinkable water without the need for electricity. 

project pargo water filter

You can read more about Project Pargo here.

Ice cold beer. Piping hot coffee. Crispy Your Mates design. Giving those in need access to clean water. Win-win-win. 

your mates pargo cup

your mates pargo bottle


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