You'd be pissed too...

At least he came back glowing

When Eddie told us he was going on holidays, we were pissed... 

He joined our crew on June 6th 2020, QLD Day.

He started with a promising bang, filling esky after esky, providing good times for mate after mate. 

your mates eddie xpa

We saw him out on boats, surfing at Moffs, hanging at MTB trails. Someone even reported seeing him jumping out of a plane…

He was everywhere. And then he was gone…Poof!

We searched, but couldn’t find him anywhere. Days later we received a grainy video message. It was Eddie…

He was shouting into the camera. Danger in his eyes, a tense smile across his face. You could feel his adrenaline pulsing through the phone. 

“I’m in Mexico!” he screamed. 

Mexico? What the hell was he doing there…

“I’m on a whitewater kayaking trip!”

Are you kidding Eddie!?

“I’ve gotta go but I’ll be back soon!!” 

Suddenly water splashed across the camera and the video cut out with an inaudible “YEWWWWFSFGGDSF.” 

And just like that he was gone…

your mates eddie xpa

We waited months for his return. His new mates in QLD missed him dearly.

Where did Eddie go?

Is he coming back?

They asked almost daily…We didn’t know what to say. We didn’t have an answer. Soon we would reply sheepishly. We were hurting just as much as they were. We were pissed. 

Months went by…We heard rumours.

Eddie jumped out of this, Eddie climbed that.

We didn’t hear anything from Eddie himself though.

Until around midday yesterday, when he just strolled through the Brew House doors.  

Maybe it was his mates voting him #74 in the GABS Hottest 100 despite his disappearance…Maybe it was the loose ends he had to tie up in Mexico…

Either way he was back! And he looked…

Bloody beautiful!?

Absolutely glowing, so much colour, so much vibrance. 

A new man.

your mates eddie xpa

We couldn’t stay mad, he’s our mate.

“I’m here to stay!” he said.

We told him about how deeply his mates missed him and he had but one message for them. The message…

“I’m sorry, I’m back now. For my mates on the Sunny Coast, I’ll be at the Brew House all weekend. For my mates across Australia, I can travel to you at the click of a button.”

We don’t know how long it’ll be before his next adventure…

So we’re getting as much time in with him as possible.

We recommend you do the same!

Stoked to have you back Mr #ExtremeEddie.

your mates eddie xpa


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