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Race to the Indies | Your Mates Brewing Co.

Your Mates pack er’ up and send it through the Great Southern Land in a race to make it on time for the Indies Awards.

Your Mates Brewing have been to Melbourne more than a few times, but we’ve never taken the long way down and never taken the longer way back. After a crazy year of construction, beers, openings, brewing and some more beers we took the Independent Beer Awards, aka the ‘Indies’, as an opportunity to get out and see a bit of Australia.

Before we could really enjoy ourselves, we had to drive the 20 hour trip to Melbourne in time to deliver beers the Indies. We packed the Amarok, grabbed just a couple cases of beer and stocked up brisket and house made slaw, prepared lovingly by our Head Chef Jutto and Cotton Tree Meats.

McGarry was first up on the navigation and sent us out on a slight detour so we could get onto some of Australia’s lesser known highways. First stop was Blackbutt and its famous Bakery for a round of pies and homemade custard tarts.

Pit stop steezin’.

Back into the truck we followed the highway south clocking over k’s and getting a glimpse at the Australian outback as it flew by the window. Just outside of Toowoomba, we couldn’t help but stop by Jim’s Jerky and get something to keep us going.

Turns out Jim was a beer drinker, so we bartered a trade, a carton of Larry Pale Ales worth of jerky with Jim’s daughter, Emily. A solid selection of jerky and biltong on board and we were off down the highway again. 

Mcgarry steering the brew ship from the road.

Pulling over a few hours later for a little leg stretch, a cheeky Macca Lager somewhere by Wyaga and to watch the sunset while trying to keep the flies out of our beers. A quick driver swap and we were back on the road for a few more hours, eating dinner at a lonely brightly lit truck stop before finding somewhere to throw out our swags by the highway. 

We all woke up on queue as the sun came up with mixed reports on how well everyone slept between the rocky ground, almost zero temperature and the constant sound of engine breaks from the nearby truck stop. 

The glamorous life on the road.

We got back on the road for an hour or so before we reached Dubbo for a coffee and some brekky burgers, then it was full pace to Melbourne. Kilometres, hours and the Australian outback blurred by the windows as we made up ground. 

Around lunch time we stumbled onto what was the beginning of one hundred kilometres of Canola fields and figured it was as good a place as any to stop for lunch. We burnt a couple laps in the dirt making sure the truck got extra filthy then found a spot to pull out the awning and fire up the burner. A couple Larrys and some brisket and slaw burgers later, we packed up and kept on south. 

Our noble steed.

From then on it was full pace. We crossed the Murray River into Victoria and some more lush bushland, then straight into Melbourne’s outer suburbs and lagged into some traffic. After an hour of crawling through the CBD, we rolled into our accommodation. Exhausted but stoked, we’d made it in time for the Indies. 

Taking the long way gave us a chance to meet some characters and see some of the Aussie outback. We traded beers for jerky, slept by the side of the road and got a feel for what Australia’s really like before coming back to the reality of life as we hit the afternoon traffic in Melbourne.


your mates larry

The best last minute Father’s Day gift for difficult Dads | Your Mates Brewing

Struggling to find your old boy the perfect Father’s Day present? We’ve got you covered!

Why are Dads so notoriously difficult to shop for? Because more often than not, they’re selfless legends. They froth over every gift given to them, even if they aren’t actually that stoked. Pair of socks, ‘wow thanks mate! (got heaps of socks already kid)’. Carton of Crownies, ‘just what the doctor ordered! (yeah because the taste makes me sick)’. New espresso machine, ‘can’t wait to try it out tomorrow morning! (what’s wrong with Blend 43?)’.

Their simple appreciation for receiving gifts makes it hard to figure out what gifts they actually want. If this sounds like your Dad, ecstatic over every present he receives, we have the solution for you.

If your Dad likes good beer, good food and good times, the best present you can give him is a ticket to our Father’s Day ExBEERience.

What’s included? Glad you asked.

  • Exclusive Father’s Day brewery tour with Your Mates founders, Hep and Mcgarry
  • Beer tastings throughout tour
  • Your Mates merch pack which includes t-shirt, stubby cooler and sticker pack 

To buy tickets and for more info, hit this LINK.

Tickets are limited and we expect to sell out, first in best dressed!

If you don’t think the brewery tour is for your Dad, we have a bunch of other awesome stuff happening at the Brew House on the day, including:

  • Free beard trims from Unkle Hingy’s Barber Shop
  • Free arts and crafts with Surfrider Sunshine Coast – this one is going to be epic, we’re repurposing old wetsuits into stubby coolers
  • Smoked meats with the The Bovine Technicians
  • Arcade games in our new arcade room 

As you can imagine bookings are highly recommended! Book HERE.

Not keen on the brewery? Why not grab a few beers from one of our stockists around the Sunshine Coast and share them with Dad. To find where you can buy Your Mates, use our Beer Locator.

Happy Father’s Day in advance to all of the Father’s (and Father figures!) reading this, hope you have a cracking day!


How to Noosa | A day with Your Mates

A Your Mates guide to Noosa, one of the Sunshine Coast’s most iconic locations and beaches.

Located about two hours’ drive north from Brisbane, Noosa is a small coastal town heaving with life. It possesses a unique mix of casual sophistication, like a fine-dining restaurant that allows pluggers, or like one of those tuxedo t-shirts. In other words, it’s got something for everyone.        

With the Noosa Craft Beer Festival looming, we found ourselves with a bit of Noosa fever. Too eager to wait for the weekend’s frothy festivities, we jumped in the car and punched it up there from the Brew House, arriving within the hour.

A beautiful sunny sky and cheeky pulse in swell steered us away from Noosa and towards our first stop of the day, Coolum Beach. Situated about 20 minutes down the road from Noosa Heads, Coolum is one of Noosa’s less populated neighbours. While it doesn’t hold the same fame as Noosa’s renowned point breaks, it has some awesome surf spots. When the surf on the Sunshine Coast is pumping, we highly recommend checking Coolum or one of its adjacent towns (Sunshine Beach, Yaroomba, Peregian Beach, etc.). They’re often just as good as Noosa with half the crowd. 

Coolum also has a lovely supervised beach if you’re with the kids, complete with BBQs, parks and an epic skatepark. It’s also across the road from the Main Street which features great cafes, restaurants and bars. See which ones stock Your Mates here.

We checked the surf at Point Arkwright and were buzzing to see a fun little wave sliding across the headland. We hit the water and scored a fun session with less than 10 people out. It was thirsty work and before we knew it we were on our way back to Noosa heading for stop number 2.

Parking in Noosa can be a pain for the inexperienced. It’s a paradise pie and everyone wants a slice. Our general rule of thumb is to first do one lap around the National Park carpark to see if you can jag a miracle park (sometimes you get lucky). Failing this, take a turn down Alderly Terrace and check around the back streets. Mitti Street leads downhill towards the First Point and has gifted us tonnes of parks on busy days in the past. 

If you’re with the kids and want to enjoy Noosa’s patrolled Main Beach or Hastings Street, your best bet is to do a few miracle laps around the car park adjacent to the Noosa Surf Club, and then head to the Lion’s Park car park. A few spins around this car park and you’ll find a slot in no time. 

Our morning surf had left us extremely hungry and parched, so we parked at the Lion’s Park car park and hit Noosa Drive and Hastings Street for a feed. Noosa has a plethora of top restaurants, bars and cafes, which can make it hard to choose a great one. We always stick to our guns and go places where we can get Your Mates beer. Halse Lodge is a restaurant set in a heritage listed Queenslander house. It has an epic beer garden with good food and is open to families. It also has Larry on tap so it was a no brainer for us. There are quite a few other great restaurants and bars with Your Mates beer around the Noosa area, find them here.

Halse Lodge – What a Queenslander!

After munging down a feed and some Larrys, we debated about what to do next. There’s so many cool things to do in Noosa. The beers were flowing beautifully, so in true Your Mates fashion we decided to keep the ball rolling. We used the Your Mates Beer Locator to find where we could snatch a few takeaways and hit Noosa Main Beach. The weather was still bliss, perfect conditions to #crackamacca. 

As the sun began to set we decided it was time to turn it up a notch. Noosa has a thriving bar scene and in our experience there’s no better spot to rip into some beers and good times than at Little Sister. These legends have live music every weekend, heaps of local beers and a pumping kitchen. We finished our day in Noosa here in epic fashion. 

If you’re heading to Noosa this weekend, you’re in luck! We’ll be pouring beers at the 5th Annual Noosa Craft Beer Festival. Held at the Noosa Reef Hotel it’s set to be a stellar day. It’s free entry, kid friendly with local entertainment, food trucks, kids entertainment and fundraising for the Sunshine Butterflies. More info here.

See you there for a brew or two!


Welcoming Australia’s newest food festival to the Sunshine Coast | The Curated Plate

By Lachie Finch | Image by Warwick Gow

Like a meat pie and tomato sauce, a cold mango on a hot Summer’s day, or a bucket of chips at the footy; good food and good beer go hand in hand. So when we heard that the Curated Plate was coming to the Sunshine Coast and Your Mates Brewing Co. would be involved, we were ecstatic.

The Curated Plate is a new food festival that highlights the relationship between chef and producer. Famed for our vibrant, fresh produce, the Sunshine Coast region is an obvious choice for the producer component of the festival. An incredible lineup of chefs have been selected to bring the Coast’s amazing produce to life, including international guest chefs Raymond Blanc OBE (UK), Zaiyu Hasegawa (Japan), Monique Fiso (New Zealand) alongside Australian-based talent Peter Gilmore, Analiese Gregory, Clayton Wells, Matt Stone, Chase Kojima, Darren Robertson, Alanna Sapwell, Nelly Robinson and Troy Rhoades-Brown and more.

I know what you’re thinking. Where can I enjoy the masterpieces these culinary legends create whilst enjoying a Your Mates beer? We’re pleased to announce that our brews will be featured at 4 Curated Plate events this weekend. Here they are from Friday to Sunday:


The Food Fair at Cotton Tree Park

When: Friday, 9 August: 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday, 10 August: 12:30pm – 10:00pm

Sunday, 11 August: 12:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: Cotton Tree Park

More Info Here


Good Food Presents Wild Forage Dining

When: Friday 5:30pm

Where: Restaurant on Mooloolaba Beach

Menu: View Here

Beer: Larry Pale Ale


Beer Builds Community

When: Friday 6:00pm – 6:45pm

Where: Cotton Tree Park

What: Your Mates Head Brewer, Mcgarry, will be telling the Your Mates Story and what community means to Your Mates. He will be joined by our Head Chef, Justin, who will also be discussing community and local food collaboration. The boys will be providing some awesome beer and food pairings, should be a hoot!



The Pocket Espresso Bar – The Pocket Long Lunch

When: Sunday 3:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: The Pocket Espresso Bar, Moffat Beach

Menu: View Here

Beer: Mandarin Saison, Sally, Donnie and Larry


If you’re in the neighbourhood for any of the Curated Plate events, don’t forget to use our Larry Locator to find where you can go for a pre or post event beer.

For those planning on heading to the Pocket’s Long Lunch, we highly encourage a pit stop at the Brew House to kick off what will be a top notch day. Make a booking here!


Good Times – Episode 1

Three boats, seven mates, eight cartons of Larry, one dog and 2,300 kilometers of pristine reef. The first Good Times Adventure was a recipe for epicness that delivered on all fronts!

Our adventure began like all good adventures do, with throbbing heads and dicey stomachs from a mate’s wedding the night before. However, our seedy conditions were no match for our overpowering excitement level to get up North and get on the water. We grabbed our hangovers by the horns, chucked Paul Kelly on repeat and by sparrow-fart we were out on the road.

Ready to go in our car were good mate and adventurer-holic, Rooster with his dog, Boondi, and young-blood videographer, Tai. We met up with all-round legends Micky and Andy (who flew up from Newcastle-frothing the whole way), and the eager crew continued North.

YM About to get their boats in the water

The closer we got the more pumped we became. After driving approximately six hours north (we’re not telling you where the fish are mate!), we arrived at destination X, well and truly amped. Soon after, we were rocking and rolling, fueled up and hitting the water.

The conditions were bliss, smooth as butter and without a cloud in the sky. We skimmed along sheets of glass for a couple hours, double checking rigs and triple checking the Larry’s were on ice. Eventually we spotted the rest of our convoy, Baylie, Jimmy and Stirlo, who had punched outside earlier that morning. They were sitting on a nice patch of reef cleaning up the chickens of the sea (Red Throat Emperor). After a quick exchange of high fives and Larrycans, we pulled up alongside them and started popping lures.

We fished for a couple of hours, bagging a few more thick red throat, but couldn’t resist the perfection of the water. The visibility was all-time, clear as a swimming pool. Looking over the side of the boat we could see all the details of the reef and were losing our minds whenever we’d see a half decent fish pop out from the coral. So we slapped on some rubber and plunged into the water with our spear guns.

Shot of the boys fishing on the reef taken with our drone

The coral looked even more incredible underwater, and we spotted a few cheeky coral trout and tuskys hanging around some outcropping structure. Hep shot a couple juicy strawberries (coral trout) and Micky got a nice sized tusky. With daylight getting away from us we got back onboard and decided to go looking for some bigger fish outside of the lagoon reef we’d been sitting on. We piffed around in deeper water and saw some amazing wildlife, including a beautiful family of humpback whales that were playing above water, and putting on a spectacular show just a few hundred metres from our rigs.

We cruised back into the lagoon as the sun was setting, salty and ecstatic over the epic day we’d had. As we looked out over perfect dusty-pink sunset we thought fuck it, life’s good, let’s camp out in the boats and let the good times keep rolling. We pitched our boats together and Jimmy the madman swam down and tied us to the reef. Sharks don’t fuck with blokes who have mullets (apparently).

The Larry’s started flowing and the boys were ripping into each other. Andy chucked his lure in and landed a good size Mauri cod and everyone raced to get their rigs back in the water. We spent the rest of the night pulling in red throat, coral trout, red emperor and squid, while cooking up the day’s catch. It was without-a-doubt some of the best seafood I’ve ever had, fresh as it gets.

Full from a perfect feed, we blasted tunes into the night and traded yarns over a few more Larry’s, before crawling into our cozy little swag and sleeping bag setups.

YM Boats Hitched Up

We woke up to a fairly windy morning but weren’t too fussed because we were cracking into another unreal feed of fish and calamari. We popped lures for a bit before deciding a change of spots was the go.

We headed to one of our favourite bombies and spent the rest of the morning diving in some truly breath-taking reef. We were stoked over seeing heaps of coral trout, black tip reef sharks, bull sharks, cray fish, tuskys, parrots and turtles. It was so epic to see so much marine life in an area that is facing some real challenges.

The wind started blowing hard so we called it a day and bashed in through the bumps around lunch time. We got back to the boat ramp still buzzing to continue our adventure, so decided to camp on the beach over-night. The boys got climbing and picked some coconuts off the local palms and we had a delicious lunch cooking up the rest of our catch and sipping on coconuts. We tore into some more Larry’s around the campfire and swapped stories with some new mates we’d met along our travels.

Your Mates Cloud 9

We awoke the next morning and drove home tired but fulfilled over the memorable times we’d had. It’s truly amazing that we can have these experiences right on our doorstep.

This trip represents everything that is Good Times with Your Mates. Just frothing on living, our incredible natural backyard, good mates and good beers. These are the things we value in life and the whole reason we started the Your Mates Brewing Co. Dream.

It was a hell of a trip and the first of many #GoodTimeswithYourMates. We hope you enjoyed the read and we can’t wait to share our next one! Keep up with the crew by subscribing here. Cheers mates.


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