Your Mates heading to 2019 Beeries Awards and need your help!


Your Mates heading to 2019 Beeries Awards and need your help!

Your Mates have been nominated for Best New Brewery in the 2019 Beeries and are calling on our legendary mates to help us with a vote.


The Beeries are a celebration of the Queensland craft beer industry. They’re kind of like a boozy Aussie version of the Golden Globes, but for craft beer. We’re incredibly grateful and bloody excited to be in the running for the Best New Brewery 2019 alongside some awesome new Queensland breweries.

It’s been a huge year for us and this would be another amazing accolade to add to our successes. We’re also the only Sunshine Coast brewery in the mix so we feel that it’s our obligation to give it our best crack for our fellow Sunny Coast breweries.

The Beeries are held in Brisbane on the 19th of September and tickets can be purchased from this link. We’ve been to the last few and can vouch that it’s a top night. Cheers in advance mates, now let’s take home the bacon!


Finding parmy perfection with Your Mates Brew House Head Chef

A Q&A with our Head Chef, Justin, on why our $20 Thursday night parmy deal is the best on the Sunshine Coast and how parmy perfection was achieved.

The chicken parmigiana. A pub grub feed as classic as your old boy’s Holden Kingswood. Like a Kingswood, it’s just as rare to find a good one. However, in a world of mediocre parmy’s, a beacon of light shines from Your Mates Brew House.

The light burns brightest on Thursday nights, it’s warmth attracting cautiously optimistic parmy lovers who’ve heard of a new parmy and beer deal that only costs a red back. They read the parmy menu over and over, struggling to choose from the four styles, each one sounding better with every read.

Finally they order and almost forget that it comes with a beer, a pleasant affirmation that this really is a cracking deal. Soon after, the parmy’s come out topped to the sky with a beautiful mixture of ingredients. They can’t believe the size of them, “what do they feed these chickens?” one bloke asks. They all dig in, savouring the combinations of flavours, each bite better than the next. They finish in minutes and wash it down with their beers.

They don’t say a word and enjoy the moment, Crowded House plays in the background, laughter and happiness bounces around the brewery. It’s pure bliss they say, it’s parmy perfection.

How did we reach parmy perfection, you ask? It was Justo, spending hours in the lab, in the kitchen, immersed in other cultures, researching, testing and fine tuning the ultimate parmy’s.

We recently tapped into Justo’s mind and got an inside scoop on the thought that went into these parmy’s. It went like this.

So Justo, let’s start with the golden question. What is the key to a perfect parmy? 

Having a quality schnitty is the perfect “base” to an epic parmy……get it? Base??

What was the thought process behind the new parmy’s and what styles are available?

We spent a lot of time researching and developing a range of parmys that combine the different culinary styles of the world, and then thought beer. What would go well with our core range of beers. With some rowdy ideas in the bank, we have finalised the following:

Classic – traditional parmy with smoked bacon

Americana – char grilled jalapeño salsa with pulled pork, cheese topped with beer Battered onion rings and smokey bbq sauce

Mexicano – think parmy and nachos…..Enuff said

Spanish – char grilled jalapeño salsa, chorizo, corn and capsicum salsa

These parmy’s are obviously a taste of the new Brew House menu which we’re super excited about. When will this be dropping to the public and what can punters expect?

The new menu will be dropping in the next week or so. Again loads of collaborations with local producers and we will be adding to it as we get into the warmer months. Having great beer to accompany the menu was a great start, but incorporating it was next level! Looking forward to sharing it with the supporters of Your Mates Brewing Co.!!

Our $20 Parmy and Beer nights kick off every Thursday at 5:30pm.

Bookings are highly recommended and can be made by contacting [email protected] 

Cheers to good beers! (and good parmy’s)


Whale One: Introducing the Sunshine Coast’s Newest Party on Water

By Lachie Finch

Renowned as the premiere whale watching operator in South East Queensland, Sunreef’s Whale One is expanding its operation, adding party boat tour, ‘Oh Buoy It’s Saturday’ to its experiences.

Departing fortnightly from Mooloolaba on Saturday evenings, the party boat cruises through the Mooloolah River while guests indulge in onboard street food, two licensed bars (with Larry on tap) and an onboard DJ.

Sunreef’s founder, Dan Hart, said the Whale One has undergone “huge refurbishment” to transform it into a “venue” on water.

“We more than doubled the size of the bar downstairs and added a bar upstairs,” he said.

“We opened up the boat to allow more room to move and put in a state of the art sound system.”

Mr Hart said these new additions to Whale One will allow for an event “unlike the Sunshine Coast has ever seen”.

According to Mr Hart, the feedback received from last weekend’s launch party was “overwhelming”.

“A real party atmosphere was created and people didn’t want to get off,” he said.

The next cruise is happening next weekend on the 20th of July. Mr Hart said attendees can expect fantastic food and service, “mind blowing” sound and a venue and party “they will never forget”.

The cruise is set to depart the Mooloolaba Wharf at 6:30pm, giving guests plenty of time to enjoy a drink at the Wharf’s many watering holes pre and post party.

Check out our Larry Locator to find which bars around Mooloolaba stock Your Mates.

To book a ticket for the next cruise, hit the link below.



Lend a Hand for one of Queensland’s Best Beaches

One simple thing you can do to help the vulnerable ecosystem of Double Island Point on your next day or camping trip.

Located south of Fraser Island and a stone’s throw from Noosa and Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point is a natural treasure cherished by locals and first timers alike. It’s an excellent spot for beach fishing, surfing, kayaking, hiking, spearfishing, diving, jet skiing and boating. It’s an outdoors lover’s dream destination.

Only accessible by 4WD, Double Island Point was once an isolated oasis. As a kid, our family would tow the caravan to the Cooloola Cove Recreation Area for two, three, even four weeks at a time. The camping area would be dotted with small groups of campers, usually other young families and friendly grey nomads.

A lot has changed as Double Island Point has gained in popularity over the years, particularly the quality and volume of visitors. A large portion of visitors are now younger in age, flogging it around in patrols lifted as high as their egos. They are less interested in the nature and beautiful serenity and more interested in one-upping each other in who can rip the best donut. Don’t get me wrong, there are still young groups there with respect for other people and the location, but these crews are a rare breed nowadays.

The drowning popularity of the beautiful spot has also attracted the masses. When the weather turns it on, on any given weekend, thousands of people make the voyage to the Point, from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and beyond. The vast number of people inevitably brings a few who leave their rubbish and don’t clean up on their way out.

The combination of inconsiderate visitors and relentless visitation has led to a decline in the environmental welfare of the Point and its surrounding areas.

However there is hope and there are people out there who are fighting to preserve this natural gem. Last weekend we were lucky enough to partner with the Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast in their bi-annual Clean Up Double Island Point Day. This event sees over 100 volunteers roll up their sleeves and pick up rubbish left by campers and waste washed ashore.

We were assigned to clean a 1km stretch near the Point and each given a big bag to fill. Within one hour, we had filled 7 bags. There was rubbish in every direction. We had to stop because we had picked up so much that the bags were getting too heavy to carry.

Seeing first-hand how much rubbish was plaguing this pristine environment was a real eye opener. It was shocking to look out at this beautiful postcard ocean scene, and then turn around to see the dunes and shoreline smothered with litter, from bottle caps to lightbulbs to ancient Chinese Pepsi cans.

The efforts of everyone involved in the cleanup saw over 1.5 tonnes of rubbish removed from the beach. We were stoked to play our part in removing litter, as well as quenching the thirst of the volunteers with a karma keg of Larry at day’s end.

While efforts like these are extremely beneficial to Double Island Point, they are a bandaid fix and involve massive organisation. We left the beach thinking of how simplistic maintaining the cleanliness of this environment could be.

It’s as easy as picking up after yourself and always leaving with more rubbish than you make. If everyone who visited spent half an hour filling a bag of other people’s rubbish, then mass cleanups would not be necessary.

This is something we will be doing every time we visit Double Island and we highly encourage you to do it too.

Of course we are not so naive as to think that all people will willingly do this. What if were mandatory with camping permits? Imagine the reduction in litter if each camping permit has to collect rubbish bags as they enter the beach access points, and offload these bags as they exit. Just the obligation for campers to pick up bin bags as they enter the beach would result in reduced rubbish on the beach.

It would be a small sacrifice to keep this incredible place healthy for future generations to enjoy just as we have.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, please get involved by heading to our Facebook discussion and leaving a comment.

Special thanks to the following organisations for the awesome trip:

Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast

Cleanwater Group

Ocean Crusaders

Drop Bear Adventures

When you’re next off enjoying one of Australia’s beautiful natural treasures – tag us in your photos to show how you’re doing your part to protect what we all love.

Here’s to a healthy, clean future.  Cheers!


Good Mates – The Board Meeting Surf Charity

We caught up with the Board Meeting Surf Charity, a unique group of surfers and local Sunshine Coast businesses dedicated to donating 100% of raised funds to kids with disabilities and their families in need.

What started as a one off fundraiser to send one young man with disabilities to the Special Olympics 15 years ago, has quickly become a lifeline for many Sunshine Coast families in need. The Board Meeting Surf Charity is a charity like no other and is something Your Mates are incredibly proud to be a part of.

We recently had a chat with committee member and all round local legend, Dave Dawson, about the charity and some of the amazing things it’s been doing for its donees.

There are many charities operating on the Sunshine Coast, what makes the Board Meeting so special and unique?

100% of the dollars raised goes to the kids and families in need. Also being a charity made up of a close bunch of guys, we can actually make decisions in an hour or two from receiving emails from these families, whereas with other charities they may be waiting three or four months to get what they need.

Who does the charity help and why do these people need help?

The best way to explain it is if you have a child with a disability, the Government will help to a certain degree, for example they may hook you up with a wheel chair. However if the chair needs modifications, Mum and Dad have to find the money to pay for this. Then there’s getting a chair lift in their car and the list goes on. So these families reach out to us for help with these expenses.

Who are the legends working behind the scenes to keep the charity running, there must be quite a few considering the increasing number of families you guys are helping?

Behind the scenes we have Bennett Carroll and Guy Gibbons, a team of lawyers who head up our audit, trust and payment division. [Bennett] actually pays an employee to pay all of our bills – our equipment bills, respite bills, etc. So he pays her himself off his own back, separate from the charity. Mark Skinner Advertising is our CEO and is so passionate, along with his wife Bev. He dedicates all of his time and energy at zero cost, as do I with my business, Commercial Fishing Supplies and Salt of the Sea. Also Glenn Corbett from Kook Multimedia and Gordon Barratt from Morgans. There’s a lot of other guys in the mix helping out, but Glenn, Gordon, Mark and myself are dealing with stuff like applications every day – there might be 50 emails a day from families needing help.

How do you raise money to help these kids and their families and how much did you raise at this year’s events?

We have two events, one of them being the surf event we held the other week, where we raised about 26 thousand dollars and had 31 local businesses participating. The judges can be bribed, I think there were a few Larrycans being passed around the judges’ tent. Our other event, which is a luncheon, raised about 35 thousand dollars.

How can people get involved in the charity?

If you’d like to get involved you can find us online at The Board Meeting Surf Charity or on our Facebook page. All donations are welcome and if you’d like to get involved as a local business there’s information on there too.

Big thanks to Dave and The Board Meeting for having a chat to us and cheers to the incredibly selfless work they do.






Good Times – Episode 1

Three boats, seven mates, eight cartons of Larry, one dog and 2,300 kilometers of pristine reef. The first Good Times Adventure was a recipe for epicness that delivered on all fronts!

Our adventure began like all good adventures do, with throbbing heads and dicey stomachs from a mate’s wedding the night before. However, our seedy conditions were no match for our overpowering excitement level to get up North and get on the water. We grabbed our hangovers by the horns, chucked Paul Kelly on repeat and by sparrow-fart we were out on the road.

Ready to go in our car were good mate and adventurer-holic, Rooster with his dog, Boondi, and young-blood videographer, Tai. We met up with all-round legends Micky and Andy (who flew up from Newcastle-frothing the whole way), and the eager crew continued North.

YM About to get their boats in the water

The closer we got the more pumped we became. After driving approximately six hours north (we’re not telling you where the fish are mate!), we arrived at destination X, well and truly amped. Soon after, we were rocking and rolling, fueled up and hitting the water.

The conditions were bliss, smooth as butter and without a cloud in the sky. We skimmed along sheets of glass for a couple hours, double checking rigs and triple checking the Larry’s were on ice. Eventually we spotted the rest of our convoy, Baylie, Jimmy and Stirlo, who had punched outside earlier that morning. They were sitting on a nice patch of reef cleaning up the chickens of the sea (Red Throat Emperor). After a quick exchange of high fives and Larrycans, we pulled up alongside them and started popping lures.

We fished for a couple of hours, bagging a few more thick red throat, but couldn’t resist the perfection of the water. The visibility was all-time, clear as a swimming pool. Looking over the side of the boat we could see all the details of the reef and were losing our minds whenever we’d see a half decent fish pop out from the coral. So we slapped on some rubber and plunged into the water with our spear guns.

Shot of the boys fishing on the reef taken with our drone

The coral looked even more incredible underwater, and we spotted a few cheeky coral trout and tuskys hanging around some outcropping structure. Hep shot a couple juicy strawberries (coral trout) and Micky got a nice sized tusky. With daylight getting away from us we got back onboard and decided to go looking for some bigger fish outside of the lagoon reef we’d been sitting on. We piffed around in deeper water and saw some amazing wildlife, including a beautiful family of humpback whales that were playing above water, and putting on a spectacular show just a few hundred metres from our rigs.

We cruised back into the lagoon as the sun was setting, salty and ecstatic over the epic day we’d had. As we looked out over perfect dusty-pink sunset we thought fuck it, life’s good, let’s camp out in the boats and let the good times keep rolling. We pitched our boats together and Jimmy the madman swam down and tied us to the reef. Sharks don’t fuck with blokes who have mullets (apparently).

The Larry’s started flowing and the boys were ripping into each other. Andy chucked his lure in and landed a good size Mauri cod and everyone raced to get their rigs back in the water. We spent the rest of the night pulling in red throat, coral trout, red emperor and squid, while cooking up the day’s catch. It was without-a-doubt some of the best seafood I’ve ever had, fresh as it gets.

Full from a perfect feed, we blasted tunes into the night and traded yarns over a few more Larry’s, before crawling into our cozy little swag and sleeping bag setups.

YM Boats Hitched Up

We woke up to a fairly windy morning but weren’t too fussed because we were cracking into another unreal feed of fish and calamari. We popped lures for a bit before deciding a change of spots was the go.

We headed to one of our favourite bombies and spent the rest of the morning diving in some truly breath-taking reef. We were stoked over seeing heaps of coral trout, black tip reef sharks, bull sharks, cray fish, tuskys, parrots and turtles. It was so epic to see so much marine life in an area that is facing some real challenges.

The wind started blowing hard so we called it a day and bashed in through the bumps around lunch time. We got back to the boat ramp still buzzing to continue our adventure, so decided to camp on the beach over-night. The boys got climbing and picked some coconuts off the local palms and we had a delicious lunch cooking up the rest of our catch and sipping on coconuts. We tore into some more Larry’s around the campfire and swapped stories with some new mates we’d met along our travels.

Your Mates Cloud 9

We awoke the next morning and drove home tired but fulfilled over the memorable times we’d had. It’s truly amazing that we can have these experiences right on our doorstep.

This trip represents everything that is Good Times with Your Mates. Just frothing on living, our incredible natural backyard, good mates and good beers. These are the things we value in life and the whole reason we started the Your Mates Brewing Co. Dream.

It was a hell of a trip and the first of many #GoodTimeswithYourMates. We hope you enjoyed the read and we can’t wait to share our next one! Keep up with the crew by subscribing here. Cheers mates.


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