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Do you cater for allergies and dietary requirements?

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We will always do our best to cater for everyone but we may not always be able too.We have options on both our brewhouse and functions menu for GF/DF/VEG/VEGAN but we recommend if anyone has any other allergies that they contact us prior to dining to ensure we can provide what you need. 

Can I order function food if my booking is under 20?

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Yes! Orders just need to be emailed through to accompanied with the payment authorization slip at least 7 days prior to your booking. (see T&C’s)

Do we have to order from the functions menu? What if I want to order from the main menu only?

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If you wish to order meals off the main menu a special request will be taken into consideration. Either way, a minimum $15 per head spend is required.


What if I want to book just drinks (over 20pax)?

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Anything over 20 is considered to be a function booking.

This will be up to the discretion of the bookings manager. However you may only be able to book for one 2 hour booking session. 

How do I set up a Food /Drinks Tabs?

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Tabs can easily be set up on the day of your event. The Bar staff will ask for a valid ID and Debit /Credit Card to be kept behind the bar and you’ll be given a tab number to show when you go up to order. Alternatively for larger bookings, we would supply you with colored wristbands for you to hand out to those you wish to have access to the use of the tab.

What if I only want guests to have 1 or 2 drinks on the tab each?

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We can provide drink tickets to you to hand out to your guests at your discretion. Those can then be used to claim a beverage at the bar, which we will add to a bar tab to be paid at the end of the evening.

Do you sell wine?

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We sure do!

Do you have any time restrictions due to Covid?

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We are currently running 2 hour booking sessions.

11am - 1pm, 1 - 3pm, 3 - 5pm (happy hour), 5 - 7pm and 7 - 9pm.

All bookings are welcome to book for one 2 hour session,

However we are now allowing people to book over 2 consecutive sessions, (4 hours). These bookings may be considered functions depending on numbers so please contact the brewery  to secure the booking.

What is your booking capacity?

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Our current capacity due to Covid restrictions is 150pax.


How many people can I book for?

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Booking can be 150+ persons if they wish. Any booking over 20 pax is considered a function and you may book for up to two sessions if you wish, the per head deposit will apply. Any bookings under 20 are welcome to book for any one 2 hour session.

Why do you have a per head booking deposit?

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We do not charge a hire fee to book, instead we ask for a per head minimum spend. This is to cover what we’d usually make on 2x session turnovers.

Due to a high number of last minute cancellations and no show bookings of large groups. With current covid restrictions, we are heavily impacted by those cancellations. The per head booking deposit is a security deposit for our business.

Is there a hire fee to book a table / space?

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Whilst we have a booking deposit fee that is taken off the total bill at the end of the evening, we DO NOT charge an extra fee to book a table or hire a space in the venue.


Are dogs allowed?

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All patrons that require an assistance animal will be allowed to bring that animal into the venue. In all other cases animals will be allowed in the open beer garden area which is an open space. We can offer your animal some shade and a bowl of water. If they want a beer we will need ID & if they get too rowdy they may be asked to leave.. 

Is the brewery good for kids?

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It's sure is, we have even built them a playground to prove it. 

Do you fill kegs?

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Currently due to supply shortage, we are unable to fill or supply kegs to the public, we're happy to fill growlers though.

Do you offer brewery tours?

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Coming soon...!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

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Yes, gift vouchers available for purchase at the Brewhouse and on our website here.

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