A Brewery Built by Mateship

Born on the Sunshine Coast in 2013, this story was crafted by a community of mates, a dream of living your passion and a celebration of everything great about our Australian culture...

The Your Mates story began with two mates, Hep and McGarry, sitting on a blue futon in their makeshift garage bar chewing the fat about life. Drinking craft beer was a new hobby of theirs, but after a while, they struggled to find a beer brand they could connect with.

“Maate, how bloody hard could it be!?”

The challenge was announced and quickly accepted — to search for an independent beer that was non-intimidating for the social beer drinker. After consuming countless beers (in the name of research), they had given up their search for the perfect beer.

One foggy evening, the uncalculated decision was made — to brew their own perfect session beer. 

“Maaate, how bloody hard could it be!?” This naive statement marked the beginning of what would be a classic Australian underdog story. 

In 2014, Hep and McGarry both quit their professional careers to pursue their brewery dream. Starting a brewery without a single dollar in their banks or any experience in beer manufacturing proved to have more challenges than a spoonful of dry milo. 

But the boys had something far more valuable... a community of mates willing to lend a hand when times got tough. This mateship, combined with several years of blood, sweat and beers, took the Your Mates name from a coastal garage operation to one of Australia’s most popular independent beer companies.

What started as a two man beer operation has grown to a dream team of over 50 legends who embody our core values. 

Together we have achieved some huge milestones, from airing on the National TV show, Shark Tank, camping, fishing, 4x4ing and hiking around our beautiful nation and just recently being voted the 3rd most popular beer in Australia. Yes, we did cry real tears that day. 

Our Vision

Mateship is still at the core of everything we do. Our vision is to be Australia’s most authentic brand and spread our mateship message to anyone who’ll pull up a camp chair and listen... obviously we’ll shout the beer!

Our Beerliefs

Brewing beer is complicated, but enjoying beer shouldn’t be. Beer doesn’t need to be put on a pedestal; it simply complements life’s moments. We believe in the simple pleasures in life. Kicking back around the campfire with family, cooking a BBQ with neighbours, or just mowing the lawn for the second time this week. Beer doesn’t force itself on these moments, it modestly complements them. One thing is for sure, good beer is always better enjoyed with mates. We’ll cheers you to that!

“Our vision is to be Australia’s most authentic brand and spread our mateship message to anyone who’ll pull up a camp chair and listen.”

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